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LittleTora 'CuddleEars' 2 in 1 Baby Ear Muff

  • High Noise Reduction and Protection from Early Hearing Loss: The ‘CuddleEars’ 2-in-1 Baby Ear Muffs set uses powerful padded ear muffs to block out up to 25 decibels of noise from cars, fire alarms, loud toys, household appliances, and more. With a high NRR (noise reduction rating) of 25 dB, these soundproof ear protection devices prevent noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus without blocking out your voice, ensuring that bonding time continues at concerts, air shows, and public restaurants.
  • Safe, Soft Padded Cushioning on Head and Ears: Even the fussiest babies and toddlers can get used to wearing these noise canceling earmuffs and headphones designed for maximum comfort and long use. The soft ear cups are made of comfy irritant-free fabric that doesn't put pressure on delicate ears, making it easy for babies to sleep through loud fireworks shows, flights, sporting events, and long meetings, while the soft padded headband ensures a snug fit without pressing down on babies' heads.
  • Easy Three-Setting Adjustment for All Age Groups: This 2 in 1 baby earmuff and headphone combo comes with everything you need for the long lasting ear protection of newborns and toddlers up to 36 months. Simply strap one of the velcro bands on the anti-slip headband, and once the soundproof earmuffs are set in place, enjoy a stress-free flight with your little one. As they grow older, they can wear the comfy sound reduction headphones on long plane rides and at concerts without any discomfort.
  • Compact, Portable, and Foldable for Travel: When you’re on the go, it helps to put everything your baby and toddler needs in one place. These sound proof headphones and earmuffs can be folded up to fit in your stroller, baby kit, and purse, and they come with their own drawstring bag for more organized storage so that you can take them out quickly when it’s time to cover tiny ears from loud noises in public.
  • Cute Low-Profile Style for Easy Gifting and Sharing: These noise canceling headphones and ear muffs come in a wide range of neutral colors and a simple yet cute design that isn’t overly masculine or feminine. Large families with many kids will have no trouble letting their babies and toddlers share this 2 in 1 noise reduction headphone and earmuff kit, and good family friends are sure to satisfy moms and dads when they give it as a gift at baby showers and birthday parties.

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