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LittleTora Pro Nasal Aspirator

  • Hospital Grade Suction for Instant Relief: Compared to our standard handheld baby nasal aspirator, this snot sucker for babies and toddlers uses greater suction power to relieve heavy nasal congestion in seconds. The infant nasal aspirator also comes with nine gentle but strong and effective suction levels, making it a perfect child care essential to use as your child grows from infancy to early childhood.
  • Includes Three Easy Fit, Soft and Safe Nasal Tips: This electric nose sucker aspirator comes fitted with a tight-seal suction bottle and nozzle to prevent boogers, snot, and mucus from leaking onto your hands or on your baby’s mouth and chin. The 2 funnel-style nozzle tips that come with this baby nose sucker are also made of safe silicone to ensure dirt and bacteria-free cleanings.
  • Distract with Built-in Music: Using the baby nasal aspirator’s built-in adjustable music player, you can have your child listen to familiar fun tunes so they don’t become scared or resistant while you get rid of stubborn snot and mucus. With this infant nose and snot sucker, you can put an end to fussy tantrums and make home ENT care a pleasant experience for any of your little ones.
  • Easy Cleaning and Recharging: For your convenience, this nose aspirator cleaner comes with large parts that don’t need to be disassembled and deep-cleaned too often. The electric snot and booger sucker is also small enough to fit in any baby bag or purse to help you do quick nasal cleanings on trips to the park, at daycares, and on vacation. A Type-C USB Cord compatible with any cellphone charger also makes powering up this baby nasal aspirator kit easy to do on the go.
  • Convenient Returns, Reorders, and Warranty: With this handy infant electric nasal aspirator comes an attentive 24/7 helpline that you can get in touch with for any concerns or questions about your purchase, as well as year-long warranty to ensure a risk-free purchase for anyone in need of a long-lasting and reliable nose sucker cleaner for infants, toddlers, and kids.

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